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  Jokes > Computer jokes : If restaurants functioned like microsoft

If restaurants functioned like microsoft

Computer jokes Rating : 5.43, 21 votes. Reviews : 20 [add review]

Patron: Waiter!
Waiter: Hi, my name is Bill, and I`ll be your Support.
Waiter. What seems to be the problem?
Patron: There`s a fly in my soup!
Waiter: Try again, maybe the fly won`t be there this time.
Patron: No, it`s still there.
Waiter: Maybe it`s the way you`re using the soup. Try
eating it with a fork instead.
Patron: Even when I use the fork, the fly is still there.
Waiter: Maybe the soup is incompatible with the bowl. What
kind of bowl are you using?
Patron: A SOUP bowl!
Waiter: Hmmm, that should work. Maybe it`s a configuration
problem. How was the bowl set up?
Patron: You brought it to me on a saucer. What has that to
do with the fly in my soup?!
Waiter: Can you remember everything you did before you
noticed the fly in your soup?
Patron: I sat down and ordered the Soup of the Day!
Waiter: Have you considered upgrading to the latest Soup
of the Day?
Patron: You have more than one Soup of the Day each day?
Waiter: Yes, the Soup of the Day is changed every hour.
Patron: Well, what is the Soup of the Day now?
Waiter: The current Soup of the Day is tomato.
Patron: Fine. Bring me the tomato soup, and the check.
I`m running late now.
[waiter leaves and returns with another bowl of soup
and the check]
Waiter: Here you are, Sir. The soup and your check.
Patron: This is potato soup.
Waiter: Yes, the tomato soup wasn`t ready yet.
Patron: Well, I`m so hungry now, I`ll eat anything.
[waiter leaves.]
Patron: Waiter! There`s a gnat in my soup!
The check:
Soup of the Day. .. .. .. .. . $5.00
Upgrade to newer Soup of the Day.. $2.50
Access to support. .. .. .. .. $1.00

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Rating : 5.43, 21 votes. Reviews : 20 [add review]

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Reviews of that joke : Reviews : 20, Rating : 5.43, 21 votes.

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